• "BC and DR For All" Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of 1 July 2014

We, Enterprise Data Corporation Pty Ltd, are committed to respecting the privacy of our customers, and take the protection of your privacy seriously. This policy explains how we collect, use and disclose any personal information in connection with our Services, including through our website and webpages.

Where we deal with your personal information, we are governed and comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) contained in the Privacy Act (collectively, the “Privacy Law” which regulate the collection, use and disclosure of such personal information).

This Privacy Policy governs all personal information collected by and provided to us and must be adhered to by all persons who access, use, process, control or otherwise deal with personal information on our behalf. This policy applies to independent contractors, body corporates, as well as individuals who provide us with their personal information.

2. Collecting Personal Information
Personal information is any information that can be used to identify you. Where possible, we collect your personal information directly from you. In some circumstances we may obtain personal information from a third party.
If we receive unsolicited personal information about you that we could not have collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act, we will within a reasonable period, destroy or de-identify such information received.

3. Choice
We do not collect personal information about you on our website without your knowledge and consent, and all such information is collected directly from you. You are not required to provide us with this information, but if you choose not to, you may not be able to participate in some of the activities on this site, including offers and services that involve our interaction with you.

4. Why We Collect Personal Information
We collect information from you, which we consider relevant in providing and promoting our services to you. Some of the instances when this happens might be when you:
a) visit and / or register on our website;
b) place an order with us;
c) request e-mail notification from us; or
d) participate in promotional offers, if any.

The personal information we collect includes, but is not limited to, your contact name, name and details of the company or business including ACN/ABN, contact phone numbers, address, email address, billing and delivery addresses, delivery instructions, transactional information such as your preferences, credit card details, confirmation that you are over 18, occupation, education and qualifications, your computer’s IP address and any other information that is required to process your transaction or request. We may also collect information such as your product purchase history, if any.

5. How We Collect Information
We collect information from you in the following manner:
a) from the use of our website
b) from application forms;
c) from use of our connectivity services:
d) from resellers and partners:
e) from third parties:

where legally required to do so.

6. How We Use Personal Information
We collect and use personal information from you as permitted by Australian Privacy Law for the following purposes (“Primary Purpose”)
a) to process your purchase, or provide information about requested services;
b) to fulfill requests for products and services;
c) to carry out our obligations arising from any terms and conditions regarding provision of services, between you and us.
d) to promote and market our services to you;
e) to identify you for permission to access our services;
f) to provide customer service;
g) to provide you with invoices;
h) to communicate information about our services;
i) for our internal administrative, planning, product development requirements;
j) to provide newsletters and outage and other notifications;
k) to comply with the law in addition to the Primary Purpose, we may use the personal information we collect and you consent to us using your personal information to:

In addition to the Primary Purpose, we may use the personal information we collect and you consent to us using your personal information to:
a) provide you with news about any new products and services;
b) send you marketing and promotional material that you may be interested in;
c) communicate with you, including by email, telephone and mail;
d) as required or permitted by any law.

You must provide correct and accurate contact details. If you do not provide us with all or part of the personal information we require we may not be able to provide services to you.  We will not use your personal information for any purpose for which you would not reasonably expect us to use your personal information. Additionally, we will not disclose your sensitive information without your consent, unless there is a need to disclose such information in accordance with the Privacy Act or to comply with any other regulatory requirement.

We will only use or disclose your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing if:
a) we collected the information from you;
b) it is reasonable in the circumstances to expect what we would use or disclose the information for direct marketing purposes;
c) we provide you with a simple means to 'opt-out' of direct marketing communications from us; and
d) you have not elected to 'opt-out' of direct marketing communications from us.

You may opt out of receiving such communications by:
a) clicking a link on the email communications sent to you;
b) contacting our office by telephone on (02) 9899 5000 or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
c) writing to us at Enterprise Data Corporation Pty Ltd, PO Box 6565, BAULKHAM HILLS NSW 2153

7. Disclosing personal information
We will not sell your personal information to third parties but may share it with related companies, as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We may choose to disclose your personal information to our contractors, our agents, government authorities or third parties who may assist us in providing, promoting or marketing our services to you, or any party who purchases or considers purchasing our business. These third parties will not be permitted to use the information for purposes other than for which the information is disclosed.

For the purposes referred to above in this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and agree that we may disclose personal information and you consent to us disclosing such personal information to third party contractors engaged to provide online credit card account processing and related services. When you pay your accounts online, a secure server is used. eWay/SSL encryption encrypts the information you send through our website. For further information about eWay and how they collect, use and disclose personal information, please use the link provided below. For further information about the encryption process, please use the link provided. We make no warranty in respect of the strength or effectiveness of that encryption and we are not responsible or liable for events arising from unauthorised access of the information you provide. We will try to contact you in the event of a potential problem with your purchase.

We will comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) in the event we disclose your personal information to our contractors and suppliers who may be located outside of Australia.
At any time you may opt-out of receiving any promotional material from us, just let us know.

8. How we Safeguard Personal Information
We take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of any personal information we receive. We store your information in electronic form and use a variety of secure measures to protect your information.
We will only keep your personal information when we consider it necessary for one of the purposes you have disclosed it to us. If we consider that it is no longer necessary to keep your personal information, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify your personal information.

9. How we use Cookies
Cookies are used to help identify the number of unique visitors to our Website. This identifier is shared between you and us and allows us to improve the services we offer to you through our website. Cookies do not personally identify you they recognise your web browser.

If you do not wish cookies to be placed on your computer they can be disabled in your web browser, please note, that disabling cookies may hinder your sue of our website.

10. Links
Our website may contain links to other sites operated by third parties. We make no representations or warranties as to the privacy practices of any third-party site and are not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites.

11. Accessing your Information
If you require access to your personal information, please contact EDC’s Privacy Officer. You are required to put your request in writing and provide proof of your identity.

We are not obliged to allow access to your personal information if:
a) we reasonably believe that giving access would pose a serious threat to the life, health or safety of any individual, or to public health or public safety;
b) giving access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other individuals;
c) the request for access is frivolous or vexatious;
d) the information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings between you and us and would not ordinarily be accessible by the discovery process in such proceedings;
e) giving access would reveal our intentions in relation to negotiations with you in a way that would prejudice those negotiations;
f) giving access would be unlawful;
g) denying access is required or authorised by or under an Australian law or a court/tribunal order;
h) we have reason to suspect that unlawful activity, or misconduct of a serious nature relating to our functions or activities has been, is being or may be engaged in and giving access would be likely to prejudice the taking of appropriate action in relation to the matter;
i) giving access would be likely to prejudice one or more enforcement related activities conducted by, or on behalf of, an enforcement body; or
j) giving access would reveal internal evaluative information in connection with a commercially sensitive decision-making process

If you make a request for access to personal information, we will:
a) respond to your request within a reasonable period; and
b) if reasonable and practicable, give access to the information in the manner requested.

If we refuse to give access to the personal information because of an exception or in the manner requested by you, we will give you a written notice that sets out at a minimum:
a) our reasons for the refusal (to the extent it is reasonable to do so); and
b) the mechanisms available to complain about the refusal.

We reserve the right to charge you reasonable expenses for providing access to personal information, for example, a fee for photocopying any information requested by you.
Nothing in this Privacy Policy replaces other informal or legal procedures by which you can be provided with access to personal information.

12. Correction of your Personal Information
We request that you keep your personal information as current as possible. If you feel that information about you is not accurate or your details have or are about to change, you can:
a) call us on (02) 9899 5000 and we will correct or update your personal information; or
b) email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you make a request to correct your personal information, we will:
a) respond to your request within a reasonable period; and
b) if reasonable and practicable, correct the information in the manner requested.

If we refuse a request to correct personal information, we will:
a) give you written notice setting out the reasons for the refusal and how you may make a complaint;
b) and take reasonable steps to include a statement with your personal information we refuse to correct.

Nothing in this Privacy Policy replaces other informal or legal procedures by which you can protect personal information.

13. Complaints
If you have a complaint about how we collect, use, disclose, manage, or protect your personal information, or otherwise consider there may be a breach of the Privacy Act or the APPs, please contact the Privacy Officer by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
We treat all complaints seriously and intend to resolve your complaint within a reasonable timeframe, usually thirty (30) business days or otherwise as soon as practicable.
Once the complaint has been received, we will try to resolve the matter in a number of ways:
a) request for further information
b) discuss options
c) investigation

14. Future Changes to our Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically and without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our online information practices.  We will indicate at the top of the statement when it was most recently updated.  We recommend that you visit our Privacy Policy page whenever you visit our websites, so that you are aware of any changes.